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Highest Ski Resorts in Russia

Ski Resorts in Russia

The highest altitude resort in Russia is Mt Elbrus with its base at 7667 ft and the highest lifted point at 12621 ft. All 12 ski resorts are ranked by the following criteria:
  • Base elevation
  • Summit elevation

The 10 highest Ski Resorts in Russia

  Name Elevation
1.Mt Elbrus 12621.39 ft
2.Mt Cheget 10695.54 ft
3.Gorky Gorod 7792 ft
4.Rosa Khutor 7611.55 ft
5.Alpika Service 7309.71 ft
6.Gazprom Mountain Resort Laura 5446.19 ft
7.Abzakovo 3838.58 ft
8.Adzhigardak 3622.05 ft
9.Big Wood 3435.04 ft
10.Baikalsk Sobolinaya 3293.96 ft