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Highest Ski Resorts in California

Ski Resorts in California

The highest altitude resort in California is Mammoth Mountain with its base at 7949 ft and the highest lifted point at 11050 ft. All 26 ski resorts are ranked by the following criteria:
  • Base elevation
  • Summit elevation

The 10 highest Ski Resorts in California

  Name Elevation
1.Mammoth Mountain 11049.87 ft
2.Heavenly 10066.01 ft
3.June Mountain 10000 ft
4.Kirkwood 9800 ft
5.Squaw Valley 9050 ft
6.Sierra at Tahoe 8851.71 ft
7.Bear Mountain Resort 8804 ft
8.China Peak 8707.35 ft
9.Alpine Meadows 8635.17 ft
10.Northstar California Resort 8610.01 ft